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Gavin Manufacturing Corporation has been serving the point of purchase industry since 1956. Since its humble beginnings, Gavin has continued to hold to its grass roots, family founded principles of quality and integrity even as we have evolved to embrace the modern era.
Gavin Manufacturing Corporation has been a part of the packaging and point of purchase products for high-end companies including Heineken, Estée Lauder, Tommy Hilfiger, Loréal, Revlon, Sam Adams, Carlsburg, Tanqueray, Dewar’s, Tag Heuer, Disney, Ocean Spray, Liz Claiborne, Marchon and Verizon, to name just a few.

Driven by a pledge to offer outstanding quality using innovative technology, Gavin Manufacturing Corporation is compelled to serve each customer efficiently while emphasizing integrity and individual attention. At Gavin we strive to produce superior products at competitive prices. Our devotion to quality, service and excellence remains a lifelong commitment.

Think Quality. Think Service. Think GAVIN.

Gavin Manufacturing uses renewable energy! We power our plant with 100% renewable wind energy. When fossil fuels like coal, gas or oil are burned to generate energy they emit carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the leading contributors to global warming, along with other harmful pollutants. Wind energy is emission-free and adds more clean energy to the power grid, therefore displacing the need for conventional energy sources. Using renewable energy is just one of many ways Gavin continues to maintain the highest standard in everything we do.
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